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Victory in JESUS!

There is a Name I love to say
In that Sacred Name I only pray
It has more force than wind or sea
The Name of Jesus brings peace to me

Devils and disease that Name can rout
Dismissing all fear and doubt
Soundness of body, soul and mind
In that Mighty Name I always find

For wrapped up in that Eternal Name
Of Power and Love and Peace Divine
Is Resurrection Life that cannot die
To the one in whom His Name resides

Victory over all that defies
God’s Will for my humble life
No demon nor disease can stop
The Name of Jesus Who is called the Christ

So, if you are His child through Eternal Grace
His Blood to your heart applied through faith
Then you too must use that Holy Name
Avail yourself of your right to reign!

Wait not for Heaven His Name to use
Where all obstacles are removed
But this day obtain your Victory
That Name of Jesus knows no defeat

Not in wisdom of the flesh
Struggling dearly day to day
But speak the victory in Jesus’ Name
Diseases must flee and no devils can remain!

- by Pradeep Emmanuel Stephen 2003

[Permission is granted to duplicate this poem in its entirety, but only without additions, alterations or omissions of any kind, including the author and ministry name at the end.]

Do You Know?