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If prayer is indeed the backbone of our fellowship with the Savior, if it is the power behind any ministry we do in the Name of the Lord Jesus, then it is imperative that we get serious about it!  This year, what could be a better resolution than to a committment to greatly enhance that most necessary discipline in our lives?  With God's help, this coming year we will be more consistent and conscientious in our prayer life.
Some basic definitions to help us focus and think clearly on this all important subject so as to make great progress in 2003

Prayer - talking to God and listening to God in silence which signifies reliance on God

Consistent - (making a) regular pattern

Committment - an obligation, a pledge

Conscientious - done with careful attention

Restated then in an expanded form, our
New Year's Resolution for 2003  is simply this:
I hereby, solemnly do pledge that I will, in the new year (more than ever before in my life),  pray on a regular basis daily as well as at times of specific need giving careful attention (exercising faith and obedience) with the New testament prescription  for prayer as my model!
SIGNED:     your name                                 

12 helpful observations on Prayer (mode, method and motivation) as modeled in the New Testament which we will put into practice this New Year with God's grace:
1 They (the New Testament believers following the Apostolic Teaching) viewed prayer as a pleasure and privilege by which they communed with their Heavenly Father and not just as a duty. Acts 16 : 25, Philippians 1 : 4
2 They prayed at set times as well as spontaneously.  Acts 3 :1, Acts 6 :4, Rom 12:12
3 They prayed in faith (full confidence and belief that God will answer their requests. James 5 : 15, Ephesians 3 : 12
4 Their motivation for that faith was Love. Gal 5 : 6 b
5 They interceded for one another's needs.  Rom 1 : 9, Ephesians 6 : 18
6 Their priorities in requests to God in prayer were for spiritual growth for believers   (themselves included no doubt) and for salvation of the unsaved.  Philippians 1 : 9, Colossians 1 : 9, Romans 10 : 1
7 They realized that obedience to His commands was a condition to being heard. 1 Peter 3 : 7, 1 Peter 3 : 12, 1 John 3 : 22
8 They prayed privately and corporately.  Ephesians 1 : 16 Acts 1 : 14 Acts 1 : 24James 5 : 14
9 They prayed for everything! Philippians 4 : 6
10 They prayed in the Spirit.  1 Cor 14 : 15 Jude 1 : 20
11 They knew that their Lord instructed them to never give up but to keep on praying. Luke 18 : 1, Matthew 7 : 7-11
12 They prayed with thanksgiving along with their petitions. Phillipians 4:6

"Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God."

May the Lord fill you with expectant faith that He will fulfill His Perfect and Prosperous Will for you and yours this coming year! 

M a r a n a t h a !