Do You Know?
I don't want to live anymore
"I don't want to live anymore!"

When thoughts of suicide come . . .

     There are many reasons why folks may want to just give up and die.  They may in fact think about taking their own life.  Why?  What makes life unfair or worse yet, unbearable and “unlivable?”


Not worth it anymore.  You may have lost a loved one, perhaps one close to your heart.  Maybe you lost your job; your only source of, “bread.”   Seemingly, insurmountable debts.

Or you may feel lonely and unloved or cheated.  Maybe, you committed a crime or at least in your mind it’s a crime for which you cannot possibly forgive yourself.  You may feel that you’re an unnecessary burden to someone else (financially, physically, emotionally etc.) due to a terminal illness or you just can't see any point in living when you've been diagnosed with a terminal illness. (This is the time to get real close to God and give at least what time you have left for Him; His Love and Power will overshadow you even in your afflicition and that's a promise from Him in the Bible that is as Good as His Holy and Sweet Name because He keeps His Word.)

Or maybe you feel that you don’t look good and/or feel unaccepted no matter what you do.  Deserted by others; perhaps someone you, “lived” for.   Others let you down.  Someone hurt you and the wounds of that pain are driving you to, “make a point” to them and the world that they are the cause for your death.  (Suicide is nothing less than selfishness.)

As you can see, there are a host of reasons why the Devil may want you to take your own life or at least instigate you and encourage in that direction.  How can one say readily that the Devil has a big part in it?   Simple.  “He was a murderer from the beginning.”  That’s what Jesus said in John 8:44b.  Please read on to learn some real, “revelations” from a God Who really cares about you and wants you to live.

You see the Devil (unlike our Loving God) does not care by what means someone is murdered; whether at the hands of another or by their own hands.  The main objective of murder needs to be realized. That’s all that ultimately matters to him.  The Lord Jesus also says, “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” -  John 10:10 

Did you notice that?  The devil is about theft, death and destruction.  The Lord is however, all about an overflowing life of joy and fulfillment.  Wow! What a contrast. Jesus wants to give the best reason for you to live in the whole universe.  He loves you and you belong to Him.  He made you and as it is written in the above verse, He, the Almighty Creator wants to give you true meaning and happiness in your life.

You say, “That’s really great but I have no such belief or desire right now; I just want out!”

Hold on for a sec, dear friend.  Feelings can make us do almost anything.  Don’t you remember that time in your life when you wanted to perhaps harm someone else for wronging you?  Or maybe you felt like stealing or committing some other type of sin.

The point is just this: had you acted on every feeling you ever felt, then you would have been deceived into destruction a long time ago and destroyed many others in the process.  Probably, some innocent folks too!  You see how feelings can get the better of us if we let them?  Most people, thankfully, do not go ahead with every feeling they get and act on it.

Well, can’t you see that feelings can be manipulated or better put, can be used to manipulate you? We are referring to Satan or the Devil, of course.

He doesn’t want you to get better or get the problem fixed.  He just wants to quickly send his demon forces to give you restlessness until you perform that irreversible horrible act of suicide.  You say well, I may as well go ahead with it because the problem is not going to get fixed.  Friend, the Blood of Jesus Christ was spilled all over the ground 2,000 years ago so that you can have direct, immediate access to a Living Savior Who can, “fix” any problem. You see, the devil does not want you to know that truth that, “With God all things are possible.”

“Where there is a Will, there is a way.”  That is not scripture but is nonetheless taught in Scripture in different ways.  Well, the bottom line is God can give the guts to stand up to the Devil and defeat him right now! You don’t have to forfeit and destroy your life.  God loves you enough to help you out of this! Believe me, death is not the way out. It is only the beginning of something far worse if one dies by suicide.  God can bless your life and make something beautiful out of nothing or something, “ugly” or


Suicide is wrong and sinful because it taking the life that only God has authority over. He gives life and we have no right to take that life.  Remember that ultimately, we are living because of Christ, Who gave Himself for us and has loved us (and still does!). Not for ourselves or for anyone else.  It is never a shortcut to release one from misery. It is a clear violation of His Will and will land us in an eternal Hell no matter how “good” we have been.  The way we “end” determines our eternal end and shows whether we are doing God’s Will or the Devil’s Will.  No, “last” prayer of, “God, forgive me for this suicide” will get one any forgiveness from God.


Do this right now dear friend.

 Say out loud right now and really mean it:

 Jesus, you gave your life for me so that I can really live! 

You said that You can change my life for the better, so please, please do it now, dear Lord!  You’re the only hope I have, so please help me now!

You said that You will never turn away anyone who cries out to You in Your Name!

I thank you for helping me and for helping me to defeat the devil and the suicidal thoughts he’s given me! Thank You Jesus for giving me a new and blessed life by your Precious Blood!”

Yes, you just go ahead and begin to thank Him for all the good He’s done for you in your life already and for all the times He’s rescued you before (it doesn’t take long if you give it some thought) and for all the good He’s about to do.  Exercise faith in Jesus!

A miracle will surely follow if you pray the above prayer and mean it from your heart of desperation.  Jesus will take you literally from the pit of destruction to the height of Resurrection!  He (Jesus) is the Resurrection and the Life!


Jesus said that He will, "never leave you nor forsake you."  He can take away all fear and give you hope and a most wonderful reason to live: for He Lives to help us all the way to Heaven in living a full, happy and holy life for His Glory! Give Him the opportunity now to do just that for you as you call on His Powerful Name and surrender to His wonderful Love for you.



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