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How to be an Overcomer in the midst of Severe Trials and Temptations

How to be an Overcomer
in the midst of Severe Trials and Temptations



This article will consider some facts about the cause and nature of seasons of testing and temptation as well as how to gain victory over them.  At the outset it must be mentioned that the words following do not apply to those in willful sin and rebellion against God in any kind of vice whatsoever and that the only thing for them to do is to repent at once, lest the grace of God be withdrawn from them and the curse of God hasten their eternal destruction.  For those, however, who are mindful of the covenant of the Lord and are His faithful followers, may this humble message bring them comfort and victory through the working of the Holy Spirit on their hearts by the Word, Name and Precious Blood of Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior!


 “Against hope”, are two choice words that the Bible uses to describe none other than the nature and quality of genuine faith.  Such is recorded regarding the faith of Abraham when he was undergoing severe testing while holding fast to the promise of God.   In a more modern rendering, we could say that he was a child of God, that held onto God’s promise, “against all odds.”  Abraham’s faith was standing strong, not weak, facing head on, the situations that seemingly came along expressly to prevent the realization of God’s promise in his life.  We all know the details of his pilgrimage and of his almost sacrificing Isaac under Divine Command.   There are things that come up against all of us as children of the Most High, which appear to destroy all the joy and victory that God has meant for us.  In all of this, it is most helpful to consider that He is still on the Throne and that His Perfect Will for lives has not changed one iota.  Jesus is drawing us even closer to Himself in Love as we depend on Him like never before for deliverance and victory.   Jesus may be testing your devotion to Him.  Or he may allow you to go through a trial so that you can be a truly humble and effective minister to another going through the same trial.  God always has grand purposes.  We ought to be mindful of the Lord in every circumstance and never doubt His love and His promises.


How does your faith stand today?  Is it willing to be considered foolish in the eyes of the world, set dead against all ominous forebodings when God commands you to trust Him unreservedly and continually until the promise He has given you is fulfilled?


Some believers end up behaving and talking just like the heathen who do not have God’s Life and blessing in their lives.  The Word is rich in promises and the life of faith is no doubt a very exciting subject to read and talk about.  But the great temptation is to abandon the faith or become weak in faith when fiery trials actually come our way, some times in rapid succession.   When pressed with our backs up against the wall, do we despair?  With the Almighty on our side, need we despair?  Nay, but we must encourage ourselves in the Lord like David and remember to put away the worries for immediate concerns out of our head and in an act of faith, praise Jehovah for His watchful care over our lives.  We can readily trust Him with our entire future.


Peter tells us by the Holy Spirit that, “the trying of your faith” is actually more precious (or worth more) than gold!  The trials sent by or allowed by the Lord are to develop a spiritual backbone in us as it were.  Without testing, our faith is immature and shifting as the sand on the dune.  God’s grand design however, is to make our faith like an immoveable rock like our Lord Himself! 


Crying out to the Lord, we can claim His Loving Promise of His Presence, Protection, Provision and Power over all obstacles, pressure and danger. Let’s be believing and not unbelieving.  Then His assurance and peace will fly down to your soul at once and the end of the Lord will become sight in faith’s eyes. (James 5:11)  We would be able to see with our spiritual eyes, that the Lord indeed is gracious and compassionate and that He will reward us richly when we do not cave into the fear and worry of the devil, flesh and the world.


The Lord is faithful to not try us beyond our present ability. Do you believe that? Then if the trial you are undergoing is “unbearable”, you are privileged to request for “extra”, special grace for yourself.  You will find that the power that raised Jesus from the dead will grow within you and strengthen you.  What an inestimable comfort to know that according to Hebrews 4:14, that the Lord Jesus understands our trials having gone through much more testing and is able and willing to help us in all our temptations!


The knowledge that God is faithful and that the trial will pass away soon enough and that the victory has been already granted in Jesus’ Almighty Name will actually make you begin to smile in the face of future temptations and trials.


Therein is the great object of our Lord and Master Jesus Christ.  This is exactly His Holy Aim:  To make us spiritually mature in order that we continue to bear much good fruit until He comes. 


With the apostle we will now say that we rather, glory in infirmities and tribulations.  His Grace is sufficient for us. 2 Cor 12:9-10  We see that the Eternal weight of the reward for believing and holding fast to God’s Promise faithfully like a little child under the most adverse circumstances, is too great and glorious to be compared with the light afflictions of our earthly pilgrimage. 


Here are some things to do when under severe testing:


1.      Understand:  God is allowing your faith to be tested so that it can grow even   stronger.  His love in you must be perfected. We must all enter Heaven by much tribulation.  He may well be preparing you to help others in similar need and circumstance also.  He is still our Loving Father!

2.      Request:        Special grace to endure and overcome so that God will be glorified.  He is All-Powerful and Able!

3.      Believe:          The Lord will fulfill His promise soon enough.  He is Faithful!    

4.      Praise:            Give thanks for God’s Wisdom, Power and Affection for you, remembering and acknowledging that all things indeed work together for good to them that love God and are called according to His Purpose.  He is Glorious!.



The Lord Jesus Christ has greater things planned for His obedient children both in this age and for all Eternity than can possibly be conceived by our limited human imagination.  


Hold fast to the Word of the Lord and you will overcome all things and inherit all things, which He has prepared for you from before your birth, yea, from all Eternity Past! Such is the Nature of our Faithful, Awesome, Loving and Glorious God!  Amen.

- by Pradeep Emmanuel Stephen �2004

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