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Decision Making
The Perfect and Permissive Will of God
(This article is from GEMS, the ministry website of Bro. Augustine Jebakumar)

God’s will is a topic not only coveted by people, also little bit confusing as far as its practical side is concerned. In order to bring clarity on that topic, let us take the establishment of Israel monarchy, as a case study.

There are two levels of Gods will.
Perfect will
Permissive will

God’s ultimate goal was that He himself should be their king and rule them. But, He foreknew that Israel people would demand an human king, seeing gentiles having monarchy governments. So God already had commanded the code of conduct for the king, in case of monarchy being established, in Deuteronomy: 17:14-20

When thou art come unto the land which the Lord thy God giveth thee, and shalt possess it and shalt dwell therein and shalt say, I will set a king over me, like as all the nations that are about me…….”

We read from the prophecies of Jacob in the book of Genesis that there was a probability of Monarchy.

Genesis: 17: 6

“……. and kings shall come out of thee”

Genesis 49:10-20

“The scepture shall not depart from Judah……” and he shall yield royal dainties.

Is Divine King double minded ?

Let us be aware of two themes that run simultaneously.

“It is my will that I should be your king” said the Lord.

At the same time, He had written that there was a probability for Monarchy and Dynasty.

Is God double minded? Let us be sure that there is neither confusion nor contrariness in the Scriptures. Bible is crystal clear.

It was His ultimate goal and perfect will that people should accept Him as king and obey Him.

But, As the image of God is inbuilt in man and makes him to operate his freewill, God never compels man for anything. God never penetrates into man’s free will. Unless and until he submits his freewill upon the alter and confesses” Let it be according to your will Lord, not according to my will”, he does not interfere in his life.

Here, you may be confused. This is the reason for the struggle that we often have in our lives. God has given us free will and full freedom. He never interferes in them. He remains so from then to now.

Though He foreknew that Israel people would deviate from His plan, why he desired to be their king?



Though we act against God`s will and God`s plans , He never let us down . Because He loves us deeply and abundantly, He makes an alternative arrangement. That is permissive will. Though we are pulled by our self- desire and select a way which is contrary to the best plan which God has set for us, He never gives up. God allows His permissive will to be executed in a nation or in a people group.

Many times, we fulfill His permissive will only. We may not be prepared to fulfill His perfect will. Even when we decide to do what looks good to us, His loves never lets us down. His love is the only reason for not being forsaken.

But, only when we fulfill His perfect will, We can receive His fullness of blessings.

Leaving perfect will and doing permissive will brings limited blessings and limited peace along with sufferings and torments, into our lives.

Lord, It is enough that so far I have walked in permissive will and received limited blessings. Hereafter enable me to fulfill your perfect will and inherit fullness of blessings. Amen.

Irrevocable Decisions
We need to learn another lesson. In some areas of life, it is possible to leave the permissive will and reach the perfect will, later on. But, in certain areas, our decisions are irrevocable.

Establishing Monarchy in Israel was such a thing.

In a western country, a sister, known to me, got married. She is good in spiritual life and in other areas. On the third day from their Marriage, the new couple attended a camp, where I preached. When they came to me for prayer, they opened their heart to me. She said, “I am doubtful if our marriage is in line with God’s will. It looks wrong that I married this man. What to do?” Some people may not think this far, about their marriage. But, they may find the decision that they have taken regarding marriage to be incorrect. This is a difficult area. But, God strengthened me to counsel them and encourage them. When I left their country, they came to the airport and sent off me gladly.

Some people are confused about the decision which they have made regarding marriage. You cannot and should not change your path, regarding marriage life. In the same way, Israel people had established Monarchy. This was irrevocable and no way for coming back.

Lord, help me to submit my free will at your altar before taking any decision. Some decisions are irrevocable. So, help me to take pre-cautions. Enable me to crucify my self-will and to surrender myself. Though I have failed in decision making in my past life, help me to take the way which you have pre-destined. Amen.

God loves this kind of commitment. Perhaps, if you realise today that you have failed to understand God’s will, remember His love and grace. Surrender yourself to them. Do good. Surely you shall see the Lord who sustains you and saves you and protects you.